Interview with Pop Culturalist on Debut Single

Brett Landin is an emerging singer-songwriter who is breaking down barriers in country music. The Dallas-based artist’s innate ability to pour her heart and soul into her lyrics has not only connected with peers but a community of listeners. Tomorrow, she releases her highly-anticipated debut single, “Small Town Girl,” and Pop Culturalist was lucky enough to speak with her about the release, her songwriting process, and what’s ahead for the rest of 2023!

PC: There are so many different facets to your talent. How did you discover your passion for the arts? What came first?
Brett: I have always been a creative. Ever since I was a little girl, I was putting on shows, banging on pots and pans on the floor, and dressing up in my dance costumes to entertain my family (and myself, really). It feels like creating and having a passion for the arts has always been innate. I fully credit my mom for seeing that passion in me and facilitating “special time,” which was our weekly mother-daughter time where we crafted, explored, and created. So I couldn’t tell you what came first. I think I more so evolved and grew up, and so did my preferred outlet of creating. I am so blessed to have grown up in a household where the arts were celebrated and creativity was nurtured within me by my family.

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