Meet Brett

Brett Landin is a Dallas-based singer-songwriter breaking down barriers and notions of conventionality in country music. A subtle cowgirl attitude is met with a delicate haunting essence that entrances her listeners. Each song she creates exposes her inner emotions which prompted her to keep her extraordinary abilities a secret for the world until now.

Her musical stylings and lyrics are imbued with an authenticity that fills in the gaps of today’s contemporary country genres. With an inherent honesty, her music connects not only with her peers in their twenties but the greater community of music lovers. There is a sense of vulnerability matched with strength as she shows no fear in confronting difficult subjects. Through each line, each verse, each chorus, she invites us to share in her personal journey through raw lyrics that resonate through her smoky vocals. The sound and impact of her voice has led her to be compared to the likes of country’s contemporary and classic great female artists like Kelsey Ballerini, Lee Ann Womack, and Ashley McBride.

Brett has always managed to intermingle her life with her art. A graduate of the prestigious Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas, she fell in love with the theater. She is currently a full-time student at the University of Southern California where she began studying theater and has now expanded her horizons with studies in the field of psychology and occupational science. Through the encouraging words and support of her parents, who recognized her vocal talents alongside guitar and piano abilities, Brett has decided to further explore her artistic passions and hopes to empower others to do the same and take that leap of faith!

Today, we are witnessing her burgeoning career flourish across the country music scene. Her debut single “Small Time Girl” gained international traction on country music stations and playlists across the world. In addition to her growing discography, she continues to follow her passion for acting. She has become a prominent character in the Decays series of student films as well as being featured in the 2022 Amazon Original series Ultimate Invasion.

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